The NFTEEZ Coin has officially launched and is now trading under symbol: NFTEEZ Coin (CRYPTO: NFTEEZ). is the new multi-chain NFT DeFi Marketplace and multi-stake NFTEEZ COIN 6% BUSD Rewards Token and Farming Platform that is building the biggest and most powerful NFT brand in the universe! The New NFTEEZ 6% Coin and NFTeez Bus Token NFTs Platform is the leading New NFT Platform in the world. Get on the NFTeez 6% BUSD Bus Tdoay- Get some NFTEEZ today! Official new NFTEEZ Coin Address: 0x57Aa038172d711552834fcA3eC6f14b0f03766b0
by NFTEEZ, January 2nd, 2022
See Chart Here is the new multi-chain NFT DeFi Marketplace and multi-stake NFTEEZ COIN 6% BUSD Rewards Token & Farm
by NFTEEZ, December 21nd, 2021
NFTEEZeus rewards token (NFTEE$) is the amazing new multiplicative bsc token paying rewards in mother token NFTEEZ - that also provides rewards of 6% BUSD. So buy buying the new NFTEE$ token, you would receive 5% rewards paid in NFTEEZ COIN, which also pays 6% BUSD - so you get dual reeards, and the additional buying pressure will make the NFTEEZ COIN have increased activity, multiplying the effects of rewards and reflections to holders by working together.
by NFTEEZeuse, December 22th, 2021
The NFTEEZ Bus is the new 'NFT Party BUS' Meme featuring the NFTEEZ Crypto Farm and NFT Project - a new multi-staking Token and NFT platform, farm, marketplace, and exhandge for leading new VIP NFT's. The heart of the NFT BUS is the NFTEEZ COIN 6% BUSD rewards token, along with the NFTEEZeus 5% NFTEE$ rewards token, providing multiplicative rewards and liquidity together. In addition to the mother NFTEEZ COIN that pays 6% in BUSD, NFTEEZeus pays 5% in NFTEEZ COIN, and we expect to launch numerous additional NFTEEZ multi-staking tokens and NFT's to drive further acivity and liquidity in the main NFTEEZ Coin. More info and pre-sale is coming soon...
by NFTEEZ Bus, December 23, 2021
Art Mogul Token (MOGUL) is the new nft artworks inspector and authenticator token and NFTs.
by Art Mogul, December 24th, 2021
Shiba Inu Kong is the new hybrid Shiba Inu plus Kong meme token with dual (SIK) Token and NFT's in development.  Launching in he new year!
by Shiba Inu Kong, January 15th, 2022
NFTEEZ is developed by financier and developer J.P. Ward. In 2020 the NFT concept was very new and J.P. acquired the domain and started working on early ideas. In 2021 J.P. and his dev group have been initially designing and developing the new store template and multi staking and farming platform that will allow for major growth and expansion and allow other upcoming NFT creators and developers to build and operate decentralized applications and NFT's that users can interact with. NFTEEZ multi-farming, multi-staking, and multi-rewards group is providing leading DeFi applications and multiplicative and exponential rewards and gain opportinities. Just get on the NFTEEZ BUS at
by NFTEEZ, December 22th, 2021